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Virtual Reality & Photography
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We photograph properties in virtual reality and turn it into a beautiful web apps to generate more leads

Real Estate
HAUSvr is a platform for real estate agents to showcase listings through an immersive experience. Our web app is built around simplicity, creating a beautiful experience for home buyers.
Vacation Rentals
HAUSvr provides a realistic experience for people looking to rent your property. Offer something that other renters aren’t providing to stand out. We also provide a way to generate qualified leads through our integrated e-mail automation.

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Real Estate

HAUSvr believes virtual reality is the future for the real estate industry. VR has been used to market mostly luxury real estate due to the high costs but at HAUSvr we are able to bring VR to market at an extremely affordable price point everyone can afford.

To gain a competitive edge agents should be employing virtual reality into their listings. Studies show it increases the amount of time spent on a listing between 3-6 times when there’s a virtual tour. Buyers are looking for a realistic experience, something a virtual reality tour can provide over photographs.  

Images designed to win you more listings

HAUSvr uses a proprietary imaging process to produce vivid and beautiful images that are specifically designed to sell real estate

Vacation Rentals
If you rent  out your home for short or long term rentals HAUSvr can help showcase your property beautifully. We come to your home and photograph it in VR and then build a custom tour that you can share on the web or embed into websites.
Lead Nurture
Our tours enable us to capture leads that have shown interest in your property. We forward all leads directly to you and store them in our database and are able to segment them by location, price range, and other criteria. This enables you to tap into our entire network of leads, providing incridible marketing opportunities based on specific criteria that fits your target market.
Mobile Ready
Statistics show that over 70% of buyers/renters use a mobile device to search for a property so we built our web app with that in mind.
Lead Generation
We make connecting both parties easy! Buyers/renters can directly get in touch with listing agents or owners who receive notifications when there’s someone interested.


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